React hooks: React hooks have brought some great advantages and included in react since version 16.8. React hooks can make element reusable, easy to read. To use hooks we don’t need to break any rules of react. It just make us job easier. There are three types of hooks exist in react- state hook, effect hook and custom hook. I will try to give a description in a nutshell below:

State hook: This hook ( defined by ‘useState’ in react) is used for rendering data dynamically, used in a react function components. It is a built-in hook. We have to…

React.js is a javascript library. Other competive libraries are- angular.js, vue.js etc. Some topics about reactDOM are summarized below:

ReactDOM: The react-dom package provides DOM-specific methods that can be used at the top level of your app and as an escape hatch to get outside of the React model if you need to. Most of your components should not need to use this module. The methods are described below:

Render: It is used for render react element into DOM. We have to use two API method for rendering.

React DOM.render: This is the entry point for a react application into…

Clean coding is mandatory for professional programming. Here clean coding refers to the coding style that is clean to see and easy to read. Clean coding is also called art of programming. Clean coding express the programmer’s versatility.

Here is some suggestions for javascript clean coding:

Meaningful names of variables, functions and methods: We should use meaningful name while programming. It will increase the understandability and readability of coding. The readers will able to understand easily why or how the variables or functions are used and executed.

Increase the readability of syntax: Always try to make the syntax more cleanly…

Javascript is a scripting or programming language. It is mostly used for making website interactive. Otherwise it is also widely used for making software. Now a days, in our daily computing life we use at least one software what is created by using javascript.

To be familiar with javascript programming language, first of all we need to have an idea about the javascript’s data types. Because all manipulated values using javascript belong to a data type. Data type is a important concept in programming. The data types of different programming languages may different from each other.

There are many data…

Pulack Hassan

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